Friday, May 31, 2013

It Was A Good Day

From Dixie and Larissa who did VBS today:

Today we went to a batey to do VBS and medical missions.  The children were eager to hold hands, play games and take lots of pictures.  We did a story in the morning and another one after lunch.  The first story was about the children coming to Jesus.  Our group acted out the story while Teresa narrated and an interpreter translated.  We all sang “How Great is our God”.  The children sang a joyful song that we did not recognize but it was beautiful and we clapped along.  The morning coloring craft was easy.  After lunch we played kickball and basketball. The next VBS was about Zacchaeus.  Again we acted out the story with Dustin in a tree.  The craft was a little crazy with many excited children.  We procrastinated getting on the bus as we gave more hugs, and took more pictures. Teresa said it was time to go! We will visit a different batey tomorrow.  

From Adina who did Medical today:

The medical clinic began today with great success. We treated approximately 250 people and dispensed medication. Riley and Emma did a great job taking blood pressure and Julie Wills was outstanding managing the pharmacy. Lots of instances of high blood pressure in this Batey and we were able to help many of the local folk. Carolyn kept the children busy painting nails and the youth played games with the children while their parents were being treated. We counted thousands of pills and gave hugs and lots of love along with the medication. The Dominican doctors and nurses were wonderful and we built a great bond with Gererro Batey.  

From Dan who did construction today:

Today was our first day at the construction site. We accomplished a lot at the Church. The crew first went to the hospital to pick up the roof panels for install. Then it was off to the church to work. Some of our crew pulled nails from boards all day. Susan is the queen of tying rebar together. Others in the crew worked concrete. Speaking of concrete we unloaded six pallets of concrete each bag 94 lbs. Brad and Mike were available to anyone that needed rebar cut. At the end of our day another concrete truck showed up and needed unloaded. We pitched in and got the job done before we called it a day.

Unloading the Roof Panels

Brett & Chris sifting pebbles from sand for mortar

Chris, Mike, Ryan bending rebar

Side-view of the Church with Roof Installed

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