Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Final Day & Dedication

From Jeff Spencer, who worked construction all week:

The entire Trinity group spent the day together in La Lachosa.  Medical was done at a church a block away, construction continued at the new church and VBS was done across the road.  On construction, we worked a lot on landscaping the front of the church, laying the last of the tile at the entrance, doing stucco and trim work on the front of the church, laying block and painting both the inside and outside of the church.  We accomplished a lot today as we were all motivated to make the building as nice as possible for the dedication.  There were two special treats for me - to see the ironwork and windows installed, and to see new pews delivered!  My God-given talents lie in the area of organization and leadership so I was happy to accept Glenn's offer to lead the construction team.  It was my pleasure to work with my Trinity family and see the love and dedication they had towards helping our brothers and sisters in the barrio of La Lachosa.  The biggest treat of the week for me was the dedication service, to see the building filled with what is the real church - the people - brought tears to my eyes.  The people and pastor Ramon were so proud and felt so blessed by what God had provided.  It was a privilege for us to be a part of God's plan.

Iron work and windows installed!
The workers did an amazing job with handcrafted moulding around the front of the church
Trinity forming a chain to move a huge stack of blocks
Some of the crowd at the dedication service
Trinity singing "How Great Is Our God" in English & Spanish
This banner of the hand print of each of the Trinity team was left with Pastor Ramon
The La Lachosa kids had a blast making this banner during VBS today
Eben-ezer Baptist Church

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  1. Praise God for His faithfulness and answer to His children's prayer! Glory!