Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recuperation Day

After 5 hard work days in the bateys, the team enjoyed dinner Friday night at the Shish Kabob restaurant - a taste of the Middle East in the Dominican Republic.  For future reference, the mixed kabobs (chicken, shrimp, beef and veggies) were a hit.  Also, Josh Melton gives a thumbs up to the hummus and baklava.

Saturday's blog post is by Lisette Colson:

Seems like we just got here and now it’s already time to start packing up. Wow it’s been a good week!  This is a beautiful country and the people  we met have a beautiful spirit. But today was a play day! We were able to sleep in a little later this morning then all walked to Trigode Oro, a local bakery and eatery, for breakfast. Nothing like starting the day off with a load of carbs!! We then boarded our trusty yellow school bus and took a trip to the Good Samaritan Hospital to take a tour. An impressive facility in the midst of a 3rd world. Our next stop  was the neighboring girl's orphanage of La Romana. The kids were excited to have visitors and we enjoyed singing songs and playing games with them the short time we were there. Back to the mission house for lunch and changing into bathing suits cause we’re headed to the beach baby!! As we drove to the beach we passed several resorts and tourist areas that are a lifetime away from the bateys that we have been working in all week.  The beach  was relaxing but a real eye opener. Glad we were able to have a little down time before going back to the real world. I have missed my boys and will be glad  to get back home but I will have memories about this trip that will last a life time. I am so thankful to have been able to come on this trip.  Thanks for praying and supporting our group this week.

Team photo in La Romana Park

Paseo de los Inmortales - Andrés Galarraga
Glenn showing the form that made him a legend in Little League

Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana
Renee with friends from the Girls Orphanage in La Romana
Jeff with Franchesca and Camilla
Dustin, Stephen and Patricia with their friends
Louis, Emilio and Glenn with the cooking staff in the Mission House
Beach Day

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