Friday, March 16, 2012

Final Day in the Batey

Today's blog post is by Susan Spencer:

Today was our last day in the batey. Overnight I was having a lot of thoughts about leaving the guys that we have been working closely with all week and leaving the sweet children. We all worked hard today and "left it all on the field.".  The upper latrine got its roof today and we laid a lot of block in the lower latrine.  In Batey 105, the foundation was poured for a third latrine.

When we finished work today, we all gathered in the church where we had lunch, VBS, and rested. We honored the men who worked with us all week and shared tearful goodbyes.  I got the best hugs from Augustine, the block mason, who was so patient with me all week as I helped him.  We were boarding the bus, one of the little boys shouted,"Adina!"  We all started laughing.

Here is a random list of things/sayings that stuck with members of our team. Many are inside jokes to the team.

1. "Adina, Adina, Adina - Kiss Me Baby!"
2. "Princesa" Katie
3. The tongs in the bathroom are for what?
4. No pantilones!
5. Piggy back ride - Carrigito
6. You put the cement mixer where?
7. Is that 6 inches or 16 inches?
8. Digging up granite to put in concrete.
9. Porta Juan - Glenn's Office
10. The Apostolic church across the street from the Mission House sings LOUDLY!
11. Water pressure is everything!
12. Batey kids fighting to come to VBS
13. Eggplant pizza
14. Is that goat?
15. Chicken foot!

Starting a third latrine in Batey 105
Latrine #3 with footing poured
Latrine #1 nearly completed
Dixie helping to do the walls of latrine #2

Katie and Corrie painting roof panels

Glenn and the pastor of the church that our team used for VBS

Our bus driver Louis
Construction workers that helped our team
Our interpreters
Marcos - the construction team boss

Anna and her family

Here are more pictures of the people of the bateys:


  1. This team really worked hard and accomplished a lot in a week. I praise God for each one of them. I pray God will continue to bless them as they continue to do God's work at home!

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog - it is informative.