Friday, March 28, 2014

5th and Final Work Day

From Tom on the Water and Medical Teams:

Today was our last full day in the DR.  Bittersweet, because we’ve packed so many memories into just one week, but I think that all of us are also anxious to get back to our homes and families.

Several of us made a quick run out to Batey Brador to install the last three home water systems.  These very simple yet amazing systems will be the first source of readily available free sanitary water that they’ve ever known.  The people of the Batey have so very little, essentially living worse than slaves, that it feels good to give them something that may at least lead to better health.  We also made a quick drive through of Batey 106, which is where we built two latrine buildings two years ago.  Due to some recent violence there we weren’t allowed out of our vehicle, but we could see that other mission groups had followed ours and made great progress. That felt really good.

Then we all joined up at the school construction site in La Lechosa, as the medical clinic was held in the church (that Trinity helped to build last year) right across the street.  We saw 111 patients, using local doctors and one dentist.  The treatments are basic, the “prescriptions” mainly limited amounts of over the counter medicines, pulling bad teeth, and handing out reading glasses, but again, it was a huge event in the lives of these people, as we tried to follow the words of Jesus to do what we can do in His name for the least of His people.

Julie as Dental Assistant

Cassie and Marianne Taking Blood Pressure

Rich and Mike Removing Forms
From Jennifer on the Construction Team:

Today was our final day in the Dominican Republic and at the same time that I am excited to be going home I am concerned about who we are leaving behind. While we were here, we managed to provide 75 families with water filters, we provided anti-parasitics, medical care, and dental care to hundreds in need, and made good progress on the school being built for children who do not have the means to go to school anywhere else. Today I worked construction and was moved by the incredible effort made by the children in the community who jumped right in to help us so enthusiastically. The people of this community have very little and still they want to give to us and that is something I would like to take back with me when I leave. This trip has been an incredible experience that we will never forget.

Carolyn and a Friend

Glenn and Pastor Ramone (with his TBC Shirt On)

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