Thursday, March 27, 2014

Work Day 4

Ladies at Mission House Cooked Breakfast by Flashlight This Morning After Power Outage
From Marianne on the Construction Team:

Today was my third day on construction. The past two days Mrs. Laresa, Ms. Helen, Emily and I have been doing activities such as coloring, games, painting nails, and playing volleyball (with a soccer ball) with the children of the La Lechosa barrio. Today when we arrived, we all put on our hard hats and vests and we were ready to work. We started on the rock pile. We would throw rocks into a wheel barrow and then push the wheel barrow up a ramp to dump the rocks in the bottom of the future school floor. A couple of the kids came and helped me push rocks from the top of the pile to the bottom to put in the wheel barrow. Then Ms. Carolyn and I took a break to paint the kids nails. Shortly after, it was time for lunch. While we eat lunch, the kids will hang onto the bars on the windows and look through and wait until we’re done. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan, Ben, and I were putting mortar in between and on concrete blocks to help build one of the school walls. Then the whole team made an assembly line to move 130 blocks into a room to help finish it. A couple of people would load blocks into wheel barrows and I would unload the wheel barrow and pass down the blocks. At the end of every day we have what we call a “bucket brigade”. The cement is loaded into wheel barrows and then shoveled out into buckets. They are passed up to the top, poured out, and then passed back down to start over. We have to move at a quick pace since buckets are limited. Some of the children would help push wheel barrows. One of the boys, Luis, likes to wear my hard hat and gloves when he helps out.  Overall, we had a very productive day. The school is not expected to be finished for three years, but we hope with the help provided by our team and other church’s to eventually get some rooms up and ready for use as soon as possible.

Bienemy and Ben
Marianne, Susan and Ben Laying Block
Susan and the Cutest Little Girl That Came Over to Give Us Hugs
Rich and Marianne Recharging During Lunch
The Definition of Futility

From Corrie on the Medical Team:

Today the medical team drove about 90 minutes to a borough. There was a Rotary Club there that organized the plan to bring in a medical team to the rural community. We saw patients for about 4 hours. Most complaints were not serious, but one lady did have a pretty serious issue with her blood pressure indicating that she needed to see a cardiologist very soon. We cut the day short so that all 3 of our mission teams could visit the local orphanage.   

Inside Home in Batey 203
Mike Killian Installing Another Sawyer Filter System in 203

We visited the part of the orphanage that housed the little girls. The orphanage is clean and well organized. They have their own school on the campus. The girls were all clean and well groomed. They seemed very happy but all seemed to crave individual attention. They also enjoyed playing with cameras and cell phones. They knew how to find their way around cell phones to find and play games.  The girls really enjoy having visitors!           

Susan and Jeff with Francesca

Our Team Finishes Every Evening with a Dedication and Prayer

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