Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Work Day 2

From Mike on the Construction Team:

We had two good days doing God’s work at the school construction site. We are building a school next to the church that Trinity helped to complete and dedicate last year.  Since labor is cheap in the Dominican Republic, their construction is labor intensive. Trinity is providing the labor this week and all of the jobs are tough. I am amazed how hard we have all worked. We have moved tons of rock and earth with a wheel barrels and shovels.  We moved cinder block, shoveled sand and gravel and moved a lot of concrete mix to pour reinforced columns. All the work at the construction site is grueling and it is hard to stay at it for six hours.  

During our work, we have been surrounded by the Haitian children who live in La Lechosa slum.  They wait their turn to push an empty wheel barrel back to the cement mixer and they yearn for attention from our adults and teens. They are all sweet children and someday soon, they will have their own school to attend. I am glad we are here and that we can help this community.

Brett Breaking Up Some of the Large Rocks at the Work Site
Go Construction Team!
Maryann and Emily Played with the Kids at the Church
Fireman's Brigade to Haul Concrete by the Bucket-full to Pour Columns

From Cassie on the Water Team:

Today was my second day in the batey working on the water purification team. We were unable to begin working yesterday because of our lack of buckets needed for the filtration system. They finally arrived last night and we were able to install about 20 systems into the homes and educate the people with the help of our interpreters. We had a great, productive day today and hope to finish tomorrow. We would ask the inhabitants of the homes for prayer requests before we began explaining the system. Many people asked for protection from diseases and ailments. There were several women who asked only to be able to return home to Haiti and their families. Overall, we had a great day and I can only hope the rest of the week goes just as smoothly.

The Water Team Provided Prayer and Clean Water
Chuck Installing a Water Purification System in a Batey House
Cassie is Great with Kids
Tom with a New Friend
Barbed Wire Clothes Line

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