Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's Get to Work!

From Dave on the Medical Team:

The first day of medical was more successful than last year’s first attempt to have a medical component to the mission trip.  Today we did not turn away any of the people who came for treatment.  We have better control of the medications and before the mission trip was able to purchase some medications and bring them with us therefor we have more to work with.

Thanks to all those people at Trinity who donated and helped with the purchase of medications. They will be well used long after we have gone home.

The doctors and other Dominicans working with us are wonderful people who love what they are doing, are good at what they are doing and we could not do what we are doing without them.  I look forward to the rest of the week, working with them and accomplishing some for the poorest among us.  

Jennifer and Aaron Having Fun with Kids
Carolyn in Her Element
Jennifer and Her New Friend
Dave Setting up the Clinic

From Helen and Larissa on the Water Team:

One of the first things we talk about in the mission trip planning meetings is to “Be Flexible”. There is a reason for that. Day 1 of the water purification mission team was done with no buckets, since they had not yet been delivered. So, rather than install systems in houses, Glenn and Daniel (interpreter) bought a few buckets so they could do a demonstration in the church on how the system works. Good news thought - the buckets arrived today! The team took names of families that wanted a system installed in their house and plan to return there tomorrow.The team also improvised with bubbles that were graciously given to our team by a group from Maine that is at the Mission House with us this week. Glenn played the hand-slapping game with the kids, which is always popular. The ladies walked the with the kids around the batey and gave them love and attention – which they seemed to be wanting and needing so badly.

Water Purification Team in Batey Brador
Batey Brador
Helen Showing Kids How to Blow Bubbles

Corrie with a New Friend
7/8ths of the Construction Team
The Other Eighth! - Mike Rogers our Carpenter
Brett and Robert Moving Dirt & Rock
Ben and Emily Shoveling Dirt & Rock for the Foundation

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