Sunday, March 23, 2014

Worship and Rest

From Emily Peyton:

Today was the first full day in the Dominican Republic. This morning we went to the church we built last year (Ebenezer Baptist) and helped their teachers with Sunday school, then sang Amazing Grace. After we left, we ate lunch at the Mission House and then went to the beach. It was fun and everyone got a lot of sun except for Dave Clement, who stayed behind to sort the medicine in preparation for tomorrow’s clinics. We ate a nice dinner and are getting ready to go to church again – this time at Maranatha church. Hopefully we have a good worship and are able to spread the word of God.

The 24 Room School That We'll Be Working On This Week
Ebenezer Baptist Church

Pastor Ramone and His Son Jonathan

Pastor Ramone's Desk with TBC Photo From Last Year
Beach Tim
Hannah and Chuck

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